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The Different Styles of Antique Chess Sets and Boards

There are many different styles of antique chess sets and boards. I will present the different types of these pieces and boards and the corresponding patterns and colours for each of them.

Antique Chess Sets and Boards


The most popular styles of antique chess pieces are English, French, Russian, and Imperial chess sets. Here I will show you the differences between the different types of English chess pieces. It is important to note that there are other styles of antique chess pieces, but the common ones are what is shown in this article.


Calvert chess pieces and boards are widely popular. They are usually made from a wood called "true heart oak" and they are really beautiful. They have an elegant look to them and they are very solid.


James Calvert chess pieces are usually found in painted boards and they are very nice. The chess pieces tend to be in a regal style of painting. You will find that many collectors love these pieces.


The pieces of the Calvert style are not easily recognizable by looking at them. This is because the colours on them also paint colours and not necessarily true heart oak colour. This makes the pieces quite beautiful. They look really regal when they are painted in a true-heart oak.


A Calvert chess board is probably one of the most recognized and seen chess boards. The style that James Calvert and his company used was unique and very nice. The style was so well-liked by collectors that it became one of the most popular styles of boards of the day.


Calvert chess sets tend to be very nice looking and they also tend to be very good quality. In the early days of the boards were made of metal but these days they are made of wood. Since they were made of wood they were usually made with more of a traditional feel to them. Many of the boards were also made with ornate designs in them.


Like Calvert chess pieces, Calvert chess sets have been widely reproduced. In fact, many people are collecting all of the different styles of Calvert chess pieces and they are then selling them off as genuine originals. The collectors tend to be a big part of the selling.


French Chess sets are another style of board. These were usually made in a way that reflected France's high and magnificent style. Pieces are often in a rich gold or silver finish. The design of these pieces is quite distinctive.


Calvert chess pieces can be found on a lot of chess sets today. The style of this style of chess piece is much like Calvert chess pieces. Most are painted in gold or silver.


In the English style of chess, pieces are made out of wood and the design is quite simple. Imperial chess pieces are built out of iron. The iron usually looks grey and it has intricate designs engraved on it.


If you want a really cool looking board then the Calvert style would be the choice for you. It is also a popular style of board. It is a great way to add something interesting to your table or chess set.