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If you’ve spent any time at all looking around for a new chess set, you'll have noticed that there's a nearly infinite range out there. There are pieces made from plastic, glass, marble, stone, and nearly another material you could think about. There are acquainted portions crafted from general moulds, and there are others that might be unrecognizable as chess portions if they weren’t sitting on a chessboard! They come in all shapes and sizes, with an overwhelming quantity of range. With these kinds of choices, how is everybody imagined to choose?

There are some things which you should recollect when buying chess pieces that will help you slim down your alternatives a lot. They are as follows:

Size: Chess portions are to be had in all extraordinary sizes, from tiny little journey sets to large units that stand as tall like a character! Most of the time you’ll probably want to shop for a preferred size set, just ensure to pay attention to what you’re buying so you don’t emerge as surprised!

Style: There are numerous nicely-reputable chess piece styles which can be considered conventional. The Staunton sample is the most popular, and it’s what typically comes to thoughts while you think of a chess set. This is likewise the style used in competition. If you want to have a clear, intuitive set where all of the pieces are recognizable to everyone, Staunton is the manner to go. But if you want something greater unique, you may find chess portions that are not even loosely based off of the Staunton portions, however alternatively around some other theme, such as browsing or dragons, or anything else under the sun.

Material: Plastic portions are perfect for sturdiness and portability, and they make a high-quality starter chess game pieces for a child who may additionally treat them roughly. Wood chess portions are conventional and lend your board experience of sophistication. Pieces product of marble, crystal, granite, or other such substances lend an air of luxury on your chess table. Pick a material that you like, and that will keep up properly for the way you intend to use it.

Weight: Some portions come weighted to provide added stability to the pieces and make them tougher to by chance knock over. Others don’t. If you may, try out both sorts in individual to get an experience for the distinction between the 2 and see which sort you choose to play with.



We have been fortunate enough to have visited many chess outlets Worldwide and have also had the pleasure of visiting the manufacturers of these beautiful hand-carved chess piece sets.  We have listed some amazing wooden chess pieces for your perusal.

Most chess sets consist of a number of different chess pieces and these pieces are relatively simple. However, there are a few types of chess pieces that are not common. These pieces are the wood-carved chess pieces and the hand-carved chess pieces.

Chess Pieces







Most players do not realize the time, work, and care that go into the manufacture of these hand-carved and wooden chess pieces. For this reason, these chess pieces have become more popular and more sought after.


The main thing to remember when you are looking at chess sets is that all the chess pieces are designed to move within their set of rules. Because of this, you must understand that the rules can be confusing if you are not a professional player.

Most players will see that the wooden chess pieces have a broad flat body and this body is surrounded by a number of square parts. These square parts allow the piece to move independently of the central piece.

The weight of the pieces varies from slightly heavier pieces to heavier ones. The main reason for this is to ensure that the piece is not only strong but also stable in a board with a high weight. When choosing a wooden chess set, be sure to choose pieces that are of a lighter weight than the regular pieces. It is usually difficult to balance a heavier piece than a lighter one. As a result, the game will be impossible to play and it will not be challenging for the players as the lighter pieces are easier to handle. Another reason for this is because a heavier piece will not tip over as easily. The weight of the wooden chess pieces should be comfortable to hold, even for a pro player. The weight is important in terms of reducing the chances of the pieces falling over or sliding off the board.

The weight of the chess pieces is another reason why they are made from wood. If the pieces were made from metal, the weight would not be able to be handled so easily. The other types of chess pieces made from wood are the ebony chess pieces. These chess pieces are very rare and therefore, they are very expensive to purchase. Many collectors use these chess pieces as an investment. There are many kinds of chess pieces and each type of chess piece varies in its colour and design. Therefore, the same rules for choosing a chess set apply to all the different types of chess pieces. If you are a serious player, then you need to learn how to correctly handle the different chess pieces.

Different Types of Wooden Chess Pieces

Wooden chess pieces

As mentioned earlier, there are various varieties of wood used for wooden chess pieces. However, the two main types are boxwood and Acacia. All these types are hardwood. In case you are in search of cheap hand carved chess pieces then you should consider boxwood and Chidar or ebonised boxwood as the cheaper variant of the same wooden chess pieces.


Amongst all the variants of wooden chess pieces, BoxwoodChess Pieces are the best suited for beginners. This is mainly because of its intricate design. It is mainly used for painting and is a creation of expert artisans. These pieces are often created with the intention of playing chess. They are not for decorative purposes but for playing the game.


Another variant of the wooden chess pieces is Staunton Design Chess Pieces. These wooden chess pieces have elaborate designs with intricate detail. Unlike other types of wooden chess pieces, Staunton Design Chess Pieces are for playing the game, not displaying them. The only difference between them and the others is that Staunton Chess Pieces is best for beginners. They are more small pieces that need to be set up before you start playing the game.


Hardwood Chess Artisans of Amritsar uses different types of wood for their Hand Carved Chess Pieces. The hardwood variant comes with a large size, with deep divisions. They can be used for display purposes or for playing chess. Besides the original Staunton Design Chess Pieces, they also have many variants that are suitable for display purposes. Hand Carved Chess Pieces are becoming quite popular. Both experts and amateurs are buying the pieces. They give a stunning look to the chessboard when displayed. The most attractive feature of the hand-carved chess pieces is that the artist takes time to carve each and every piece individually. The most sought after variation of the wooden chess pieces is the black version. Because of this reason, people who love chess often buy the Black Hand Carved Chess Pieces.

Apart from the hand carved chess pieces, people from the UK can choose from the varieties of Baltic Birch Chess Piece. This variety is made from Baltic Birch wood that has a great fragrance. Baltic Birch Wood is often available in the good quality of Northern India and Pakistan. The wooden chess pieces made in Amritsar are offered in different categories like Staunton Design Chess Pieces, hand carved Chess Artisans of  Amritsar, Baltic Birch Chess Pieces, and other popular designs. There are many stores and shops in the UK and USA that offer the hand carved chess pieces. These are mainly the shop of the artist.

Wooden chess pieces were a popular addition to chess sets anywhere almost since the game become invented. The availability and splendour of wood made it a perfect desire for carving into intricately targeted chessmen, and the sheer range of timber kinds has supplied many one-of-a-kind colourings and styles to choose from. Here are only some of the most famous varieties of timber utilized in making chess pieces:

Maple timber is a hardwood that can be harvested from greater than 128 specific species of timber that can be observed throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. Because of its wide availability, it's miles a common choice for wood chess boards and wooden chess pieces. It is likewise prized for the unique light colouration that makes it ideal for representing the White army.

Ebony is in many ways the opposite of Maple. It is pretty scarce and is local to the southern regions of India and Sri Lanka. This dense, darkly coloured timber has the unique exceptional of sinking in water and is prized by using chess makers for its extraordinarily dark colour that makes it best to symbolize the Black army. Ebony is quite prized as a luxurious ornamental wood and can be quite expensive.