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The Isle of Lewis Resin Chess Sets

If you are looking for an exciting chess game that is both fun and challenging, then the Isle of Lewis resin chess set is perfect for you. This popular chess set is a very popular choice for many chess lovers. It offers a wide variety of chessmen pieces and is also made from excellent quality resin.

The unique look of the Isle of Lewis resin chess set makes it a great option for many people who love chess and are looking for different chess pieces. This is because the selection available in this chess set is so much larger than what one would find in a standard chess set. Each chessman set that is sold by the Isle of Lewis is a mixture of different types of chess pieces. The pieces are plastic and can be easily used for playing chess. They come in all different colours, sizes, and shapes. They also come in several different finishes to choose from.

The different colours that are available include white, black, green, blue, brown, red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, grey, orange, and grey. These pieces will all fit well with the overall look of the board. The colours are appealing and can be matched with just about any board that is on the market.

The pieces are always made out of high-quality resin. This ensures that they will last for many years and they are sturdy enough to be used in a regular chess game. They are also safe for children to play with.


The Isle of Lewis resin chess set can easily be removed and cleaned. They are also made to be placed onto the board very easily. All pieces come with their own cleaning guide that will help them get clean and shine up quickly. This makes it a snap to put these pieces on your board to start a game of chess. The different chess pieces in this set also make it an ideal choice for kids to play with. The kids will be able to get all of the chess pieces without worrying about how they look. They will still have the feel of the great-looking pieces on their chessboard and they will also be able to play well as they get older. The pieces are easy to use and they make the game much more exciting. The Isle of Lewis resin chess set can easily be found at most retail stores in the country. It is a very popular choice for many chess enthusiasts and is a beautiful choice for a starter chess set. This is a great option for anyone who loves chess and is looking for a nice option for a new chess set.