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If you are going to be a travelling chess player, you should seriously consider getting a set of portable wooden chess sets. Portable chess sets are great for when you're away from your home and need a good brain workout on the go.

Wooden travel chess sets


There are some basic features to look for in a portable chess set, though. Make sure the chess set has a strong case that is waterproof, a movable cabinet that can contain the games and keep them safe, as well as an internal magnetic chess piece storage system so that each game can be stored safely away until it's time to play again.


The interior of the portable chess set should also be designed to keep the portable chess set organized. A portable wooden chess set with a well-designed interior will help your portable chess set be more portable and more organized. An interior that keeps the chess sets safe and contain the board games should have dividers and pockets to store a variety of board games and magnets so that you can keep all the games you would like to play on one side of the portable chess set and your board games on the other.